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Grand Facade | Marlon de Azambuja | Via

Sometimes, all you need to create some magic is some magic markers. In a new series called Gran Fachada (“Grand Facade” in English), Madrid-based architect and designer Marlon de Azambuja works this marker magic on color photographs of famous museums around the world, from the Whitney to the Pompidou and the Tate Modern. Using a marker to black out sections of these images, he reveals fluorescent color-negative line drawings, which would probably look amazing as velvet black-light posters. Thin outlines of color expose where the contours of an architectural rendering would be, the intricacy of which approaches that of the buildings’ original blueprints.

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Sur de la Ciudad de México.

Vinyl Art, Portraits of Musicians Hand-Painted Directly Onto Their Records
Odio ese sentimiento

Centro de Investigaciones para el Desarrollo de Tecnología Digitales Especializadas.

4to Semestre. UNAM

Tinta y Chartpak - Ink & Chartpak

Colima, México. 2014